IP Based Phone Services and Solutions

Small Office Telephone Systems

NextFone's small office systems offer an ideal call management solution for organizations of 1-10 users. Additionally NextFone is extremely scalable and will grow seamlessly alongside your businesses. With just the touch of a button you can simply add extension numbers, groups and offices as needed. This means that expensive BTCL, Cell Phone and traditional PBX extension card charges for adding new lines or numbers can be completely avoided.

SME Business Telephone Systems

NextFone's Small to Medium Enterprise telephone solution is a highly sophisticated, next generation system for companies of 11-50+ users. NextFone's telephone system enables SMEs to control and reduce operating expenses and facilitate an early return on your communications investment. Additionally NextFone's Free Inter-Company Calls feature is totally unlimited and retains the crystal clear call quality of a NextFone phone, no matter where the extension is located in the world.

Enterprise Telephone Systems

NextFone offers highly sophisticated, next generation Enterprise telephone solution for 50-100+ users, with no restrictions on expansion. New sites or offices can be set up and running in minutes, simply by unplugging your IP handsets from one location to another no matter where in Bangladesh your business may take you move to.


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