Benefits of NextFone

NextFone specialize in the supply of business telephone systems internationally from our Dhaka head offices.Offering custom built telephone systems for all kinds of businesses, no matter what the size, choosing NextFone can precisely fulfill your company's exact needs.From 4 to 8 extension telephone systems, for a small business, to a 16 to 40 extension phone system for a medium corporation - NextFone can even cater for the enterprise level business with up to 100 plus extension phone systems on offer.

If you are looking for an entire a new telephone system or just need to replace your current PBX or switch then NextFone can help with their expert advice to find the best telephone system to suit your current needs.

Top Five benefits of Internet Phone Service

Internet Phone Service

There are many benefits of an Internet Phone service over a traditional land line from your local phone Company. Below we will highlight the top five.

Cost Savings

Far and away the leading benefit reported by people who use Internet phone service is cost savings. First, there are typically no set-up or installation fees involved in getting your Internet phone service activated. Once you switch to Internet phone service you'll find that the cost savings are substantial over the same types of calls made through your traditional phone company. There are many calling plans to choose from that offer extensive cost reductions over traditional phone calls. This can translate to hundreds of Taka's of savings.


Internet phone service offers the most extensive and technologically advanced features that you'll find anywhere on the planet. Of course you'll get the standard features that you're used to including voicemail, caller ID, call waiting and call forwarding as part of most standard packages. You'll also get plenty of advanced features that will keep you on the cutting edge of technology allowing you to use your Internet phone service in ways that will help save you money and keep you ahead of the game. Internet phone service lets you order a phone number in any area code you need.


You may have heard that Internet phone service is less reliable than other types of phone service. When the Internet phone service was in its infancy there were some connectivity issues for some users. However, these issues have long been worked out and now you'll find that the reliability of Internet phone service is the best you'll find from any type of phone company service you can get. If you've noticed static on your home phone from time to time you'll be pleasantly surprised by the clear connection you get with Internet phone service.

Ease of Use

Another of the top benefits of using Internet phone service is that it is easy to install and use. While other phone service typically involves a visit from a technician you'll find that the installation process is simple. In fact, with most services you need only connect an analog adapter to your telephone in order for it to work with the new digital service.


Internet phone service uses a broadband connection to provide high quality voice service. While standard home telephone service is analog Internet phone service is digital. This means that the signals are converted to digital. Digital service is high quality. You'll likely notice much better sound and will not have any type of interference that can be possible with other types of phone service. Talking to someone around the world will seem like you're talking to someone located next door – it's just that clear. This also means that you'll have clearer conference calls.


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