Next Fone is a Next Generation IP Telephone System


IPT Services

“Nextfone” Your one-stop-solution for all kinds of IPT service for Enterprises of all sizes promoting flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and scalability.

On Premises Solution

Get complete control of your seamless communication with our on-premises IPT solutions from Global Hardware Brand Grandstream, Yeastar, and other solutions like 3CX, Vicidial, Elastix, Isabel, GoAuto.Dial

Hosted Solution

Simplify your all communication with our secure, customised, hassle-free, and tailored solution to meet your specific business needs.

Cloud IP PBX Solution

Deploy your PBX with Nextfones cutting age Cloud IP PBX solutions for mobility, flexibility and scalability.

Short Code & Toll Free Service

Get BTRCs Short code and Toll-free Number services for your Contact center for more client engagement and convenience.


Cost Savings

Nextfones IP Number service typically has little to no set-up or installation fees and offers substantial savings compared to traditional phone service.


Nextfones service offers standard features such as IVR , caller ID, Ring Group, call forward , Call record , User portal as well as advanced features to keep you on the cutting edge of technology.


Nextfone highly reliable, with Internet and Data connections and no interference.

Ease of Use

Nextfone service is easy to install and use, with no need for a technician to visit for simple solutions.


Nextfone is best known for high-quality voice service, as signals we pick cutting age equipment and infrastructure for clearer sound and better conference calls for large volume of voice traffic.

+88 09614000127 ।  Plot 09, House 113/A, Gulshan -2, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh ।  info@nextfone.com.bd

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